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Dear Manager,

Over 100,000 managers have made their job soooo much less stressful, and themselves soooo much more effective as a manager, by using the techniques they learned in my seminars.

It frustrates me that everyone can't attend my live seminars, but I just can't be everywhere.

That's why a few years ago, my team came up with the most INCREDIBLE opportunity for managers everywhere to start enjoying ALL of the benefits of my live seminars, at a fraction of the cost.
Now you can instantly start becoming the leader you were meant to be by becoming a member of my internationally renowned Gold Inner Circle for Managers.
Here's What You'll Get with Your Gold Membership
Gold Benefit 1 On the 1st of each month, you’ll receive a brand NEW “Uncensored” Gold CD. Each one is about 15 minutes, and they're like a "mini seminar" to keep you pumped up.

If you like the abbreviated online newsletter (Work Is Not for Sissies) and the Ask Glenn column, you'll LOVE this.

Every month we dive headfirst in a no holds barred, Dr. Phil kind of way, into the behind-the-scenes issues that you won't get anywhere else.
Gold Benefit 2 Because the goal of this is for you to start building your own personal Training Library, I'll send you a leather binder with the CD sleeves already in it.

When your new Gold CD arrives on the first of each month, listen to it and pass it around to others you want to hear the message.

When they're done, this will conveniently organize each and every one so they'll be readily available at your fingertips any time you have other people who need to hear a particular message.

I'll have your name engraved on a gold plate on the  front.
Gold Benefit 3 As a Gold Inner Circle member, you'll have direct access to me on Open Call In Day each month. So if you do have a situation that comes up and want to bounce it off of someone who can be objective, you can book a 15 minute time slot for you and I to speak privately on Open Call In Day - at no cost to you.

I'll be your personal "lifeline". My regular rate for phone consultation is $500 per hour, so that's another $125 bonus value every month.
It's like getting me to be your virtual personal success coach, day-in and day-out. Month after Month. You could NOT hire me to teach you what I reveal each month to my private Gold Inner Circle members for less than $7,500. So getting a NEW, uncensored CD with me teaching what you'd learn in person - for $39.97 a month - is a bona fide STEAL!

As a Work Is Not for Sissies! subscriber, you can come on board for the low amount of $39.97 per month ($59.97 outside the U.S.).

If for any reason you don't find the program to your liking, just let us know and we'll remove you from my Gold Inner Circle so that there are no more charges.

There are NO contracts. NO commitments. NO obligation. NO Risk. You may cancel at any time.

Fair enough? Then jump aboard. You've truly got nothing to lose and everything to gain. 

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To Your Success,
Glenn Shepard
Glenn Shepard

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